Blog Starter Pack

2 Blogs Per Month

Have something to say but no time to say it? Leave it to us with these two SEO-friendly blogs per month.


Blog Pack Bundle

4 Blogs Per Month

A great blog can be a traffic warhorse. Strengthen your content arsenal with four blogs per month.


Blog Pack Premium

10 Blogs Per Month

Drive organic performance, boost your social media and delight your audience with 10 SEO-friendly blogs per month.



Research, Copy and Design

We'll marry engaging design with compelling data so you can enjoy the spoils of a highly shareable infographic.


eGuide Copywriting

Up to 2000 Words

Lay the foundations for lead generation success with this compelling eGuide copy.


eGuide Campaign

A Comprehensive Pack

Visitor to lead, no sweat. This comprehensive package includes everything your business needs to deploy an effective eGuide campaign.


Whitepaper Campaign

Go All In

This comprehensive whitepaper campaign pack includes all you need to make a real impact with your content.


3-Part Email eCourse

Including Design and Copy

An eCourse is the perfect solution for those who take educating their audience seriously.


5-Part Email eCourse Campaign

Make an Impact

This comprehensive 5-Part Email eCourse Campaign includes all supporting content assets you need to convert through content.


Case Study

Using Data You Provide

Are you stalling at the bottom of the funnel? Demonstrate your proven value with a client case study.


Vlog Script Pack

4 Scripts Per Month

Use these four video-blog scripts to educate your prospects with content worth watching.


Podcast Script Pack

4 Podcast Scripts

Set yourself apart with an insightful, engaging and convenient podcast content series.


Podcast Campaign

Up to 25,000 Words

Give your prospects a reason to return again and again with this comprehensive Podcast Campaign.


EDM Pack

4 EDMs Per Month

Get your audience clicking and converting with four custom EDMs per month.


Content Audit

By a Seasoned Content Strategist

Not seeing the inbound marketing success that you'd hoped for? We'll get you on the road to content ROI.


Custom Content Calendar

Created With Your Data

Start on the road to consistent content success with an intuitive, effective and customisable Content Calendar.


HubSpot Blog Upload (x20)

Including Images

Uploading your blog articles to HubSpot can be time-consuming. Why not let us do the heavy lifting for you?


Blog Images Bundle

20 Custom Images

Frustrated by crawling through pages of stock images? Our COS Designers know exactly where to find the treasure trove of quality.


CTAs Pack

4 Custom CTAs

Give your content offers a conversion boost with a suite of eye-catching calls-to-action.


Lead Nurturing Email Workflow

10 Sections With Branches

Does your conversion rate need love? Make the most of your leads with a 10-part Lead Nurturing Email Workflow.


Custom Lead Generating Microsite

Make a Real Impact

Hungry for traffic, leads and sales? Make a lasting impact with a Custom Microsite, designed for your purpose.


eGuide Copywriting + Design

Up to 2000 words, 15 Pages

Give your business the lead generating machine it deserves with a premium, fully designed content download.


3-Part Email eCourse Campaign

Including All Supporting Assets

Establish your business as a thought-leader in the industry with this complete Email eCourse Campaign.


Webinar Campaign

Including Supporting Assets

Delight your prospects with an insightful, memorable, and convenient Webinar campaign.


SEO Audit

By a Search Engine Expert

The Google results page is one of the most important battlegrounds for your business, but getting found has never been harder.


Web Page Copy

Rewritten for Success

Need some SEO assistance? Get one of your website pages re-written by a search veteran.


Optimized Meta Description

For Up to 50 Pages

Give every one of your website pages an SEO facelift with an optimised meta description, written by a search engine expert.


3-Part Outbound Email Sales Sequence

By COS Growth Specialists

Converting your hard-earned leads into valuable customers is challenging. Give your leads a reason to buy with a 3-Part sales email sequence.


5-Part Outbound Email Sales Sequence

By COS Growth Specialists

Converting your hard-earned leads into valuable customers is challenging. Give your leads more reasons to buy with this 5-Part sales email sequence.


Consultation With an Inbound Sales Expert

60-Minute Phone Call

Unlock the keys to conversion with the help of an Inbound Sales expert with over 15 years experience.